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Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

All you need to know about Fjallraven Kanken Backpack sizes, models, prices, and where to buy the original and iconic Fjallraven Kanken Backpack.

You know how important is utility, comfort, and the highest quality, and you know that Fjallraven Kanken backpacks offer it to you.

Kanken backpack models

In our store we have 8 models of Kanken Backpack, which are all that Fjallraven sells. If you are looking for beautiful backpacks for women, men, or children, keep reading.

Kanken Backpack Classic

The Kanken for everyday. Go away thinking about putting it in the inheritance because it is eternal. 

Kanken Backpack Big No. 2

Urban and off-road backpack. Waterproof and resistant, city and mountain. Ideal not to take it off from Monday to Sunday!

Kanken Backpack Woman

The most perfect Kanken, expandable up to 27 litres. As comfortable and useful as the classic with an extra space.

Kanken Backpack Laptop

Compartment for the laptop with three sizes according to your laptop: 13, 15 or 17 inches, they are perfect as university backpacks.

Kanken Backpack Mini

The highest quality concentrated in a 9 cm smaller backpack. Valid for children and adults.

Kanken Backpack Kids

Designed for children’s backs, cool and water-repellent in case a downpour surprises them when they return from school.

The recycled backpack. Made with recycled polyester from 11 water bottles and minimizing the use of natural resources. Pretty, vintage, vegan, durable and now also sustainable. Probably the best backpack in the world.

Kanken Backpack Sizes

Whether you have the back of an ultra-long distance vegan, or if you spend a sculpted hipster back, these Swedes have you in mind and you have a backpack that adapts to what you need, from smallest to largest size:

Comparisson Backpack Kanken

Kanken Big

20 litres
45x35x13 cm
300 grams

Kanken Classic

16 litres
38x27x13 cm

Laptop 13"

13 litres
35x23x16 cm

Laptop 17"

20 litres
42x20x18 cm

Laptop 15"

18 litres
40x28x16 cm

Kanken Maxi

18+9 litres
41x32x14+7 cm

Kanken Mini

7 litres
29x20x13 cm

Kids Kanken

7 litres
29x20x13 cm

Kanken No. 2

16 litres
38x27x13 cm


16 litres
38x27x13 cm

Why buy a Kanken backpack

We understand that your good taste for beautiful, modern and top-quality things has brought you so far. That’s a Kanken backpack from Fjallraven.

We are not going to tell you that it is the cheapest backpack because we also sense that you want a unique piece that will accompany you for a long time, and not a backpack that will fall apart on the third day..

Kanken facts that will convince you:

  • Its treatment with Greenland wax to waterproof the backpack will mean that the rain will only be a concern for the frizz of your hair.
  • Studies have shown that the greatest feeling of modernity experienced by a person has been measured by taking their Mac out of the special compartment of a Kanken laptop backpack at a Starbucks in Malasaña while a Kings of Leon song was playing.
  • The beauty disguised as simplicity of the Kanken No.2 is considered a risk factor for the person behind you. It is wonderful!
  • In the probable event of a third world war, people are thinking of building shelters with giant Kanken backpacks, due to their “extremely high” durability.
  • They say that the black kanken backpack are beautiful and mesmerizing for those who contemplate them.

Kanken, color backpacks

Add color to your life!

The variety of colors of Kanken backpacks is one of its strongest points. The entire chromatic range, that of the rainbow, all its combinations and even some of those colors that only girls see, it is very likely that you will find one of that color.

The most requested, and in this order, are:


It may seem strange but 20% of people looking for colored Kanken backpacks choose grey.


We have to admit that the pink Kanken is crazy pretty, 15.4% of people decide on it.


There is always a trend that is presumed to be the new black but in the end black is always very black. It’s as sought after as pink, and it’s cleaner.


Perhaps related to sustainability or veganism that is so fashionable. Plus, it’s always a safe bet.


7.7% of people prefer garnet, we like it the most.

In addition to all those colors, the staunch kankeners use them in yellow, blue, ocher or brown.

Well, never better said, for tastes, colored backpacks.

Fjallraven Kanken, the arctic fox

If you think of Sweden several things will come to mind, cold, Ibrahimovic, Alfredo Landa or surely IKEA. From now on you already know another classic of Swedish culture, the Kanken backpack, from the Fjallraven brand, the one with the arctic fox.

Born to watch the backs of the Swedes in 1978, they have become popular to the point that it is difficult to move around any city in the world without seeing someone enjoying their comfort, design and durability.

They have become an essential part of the lives of thousands of people, Kankenists who find in them the ideal accessory for day-to-day work and travel, as well as for leisure on the beach or in the mountains.

History of Swedish Kanken backpacks

It was the year 1950, a beardless Swedish man named Åke and surname Nordin, was going to the mountains. From that one you can see that the backpacks were a bit shitty so the guy started to think.

With the 14 years that he had, the thing has merit. Today young people of that age do not think precisely about that.

Well, it looks like someone had told him that the backpacks had to be well attached to the back and make a good package. We think someone would tell him because I don’t think that he would Google what backpack to buy.

We also do not know if he would have looked for colored backpacks because the photos of the creator of the Kanken are in black and white. They’re retro backpacks for a reason, right?

Well after this humorous point let’s continue.

Good old Ake decided to make his own backpack. With the help of his mother’s sewing machine he designed the first backpack. 10 years later, in 1960, in that same basement, Åke founded Fjällräven and launched his first product for sale. Guess what is was? Yep, a backpack; this time with an aluminium frame.

Why was Kanken Backpack Designed?

The intention of the Kanken was to improve Swedish schoolchildren’s posture and to solve the back-pain that many of them were suffering, supposedly due to the old-fashioned shoulder bags that were still prevalent at the time.

During the 1960s and 70s, the Fjallraven product range expanded significantly, with tents, sleeping bags, jackets and trousers. The Greenland Jacket, the Expedition Down Jacket and the Kanken backpack proved to be defining products. Virtually every other Swede, from avid trekker to enthusiastic nature lover, wore and trusted Fjallraven.

We don’t know if it was very far, but at least it defined the way that defines the Fjallraven Kanken today. What is certain that he did not even suspect is that his brand would end up appearing on Wikipedia.

10 years after this he founded Fjallraven and today you are about to buy a backpack designed by this Swedish guy who did not have a playstation. Be aware of this and enjoy it as it deserves.

How much is a kanken backpack?

The reality is that kanken backpacks are expensive.
Chances are high that you know kanken backpacks are expensive, but you surely know why.
If you still don’t have a fjallraven kanken backpack and you think its prices are high, maybe these arguments will solve your doubts.

Most kanken backpack owners recommend kanken backpack because its durable, water-resistant, dirt-resistant, windproof and are made of high quality material, in addition to the roomy compartment, I recommend it just for its flexibility and easy to carry around.


Durability is something that fjallraven are well known for. Although you can easily find another luggage brand with durable cases also, you really can’t go wrong by sticking with Samsonite.

Travelers are choosing to take only carry on,and backpacks make one of the best options if you’re looking for something to do on every flight.

Good Material

Fjallraven sources its material from Nature, like Vinylonwool, cotton and down.

and Many of Fjallraven materials are developed in-house, others with some of the best suppliers in the industry.


Fjallraven backpacks main compartments have a generous opening that makes it easy to pack and take all your items. The back pocket has a reinforced sitting pad in G-1000 HeavyDuty so a comfortable rest is never far away.

The Kanken features many open pockets on the sides, a zippered pocket on the front, details and handles in leather, and shoulder straps in textile that make it a perfect backpack.

Customer Service

If you have a problem with your backpack, not only can you get it sorted online but you can also pop down to the nearby fjallraven store which are scattered across pretty much every major city. The fjallraven Amazing repair team will help you with any problem you might be having with your backpack.

If not, you can contact Fjallraven customer service and send your Backpack or repair.

I reached the customer service about the warranty of the products and they really they are kind and answered quickly.

High Demand

Why does high demand cause fjallraven high prices?

When demand is high, prices tend to be high. There is an inverse relationship between the supply and prices of products when demand is unchanged.

However, when demand increases and supply remains the same, the higher demand leads to a higher equilibrium price and vice versa.



Fjällräven backpacks have Lifetime Warranty,which is one of the main reasons their products are expensive.

But warranty extends only to products purchased from authorized sellers that are subject to and comply with Fjällräven’s quality controls; Because Fjällräven is unable to oversee or control the quality of products that are sold or even (manufactured) by unauthorized sellers.

So make sure to get your backpack in an authorized store.


Where Is Fjallraven Backpacks Manufactured?

Fjallraven have a variety of manufacturing firms that produce its backpacks or products in general in Vietnam and China

This is the reason that some backpacks will have tags made in China, while others in Vietnam. However the manufacturer claims that they are the same quality and product.

Are Fjallraven Backpacks Worth It?

There are so many factors if you want to know if the backpack you consider to have is worth it or not, such as what you’ll use it for and to make sure that you Choose the proper size.

Fjällräven Backpacks are eventually lightweight, making carrying it more comfortable, as it helps distributes weight more evenly.

Check out this video of Simple Victoria to know more about Fjallraven backpacks.

What Is So Special About Fjallraven?

Fjallraven Kanken is one of the most lightweight and versatile backpacks on the market, making it a great choice for travel, backpacking and exploring the world.

Its big and shaped zip gives access to the entire main compartment.

There are also Kankens with a dedicated, padded laptop compartment.

How To Wash Kanken Backpack?

The best way to keep your Expensive backpack durable and last is to read the Manufacturer guidelines.

  • According to Kanken don’t put Kanken in the washing machine. Instead, wash dirty marks with lukewarm water, mild detergent and a soft brush or sponge. And when it comes to drying, you should hang up Kånken in a well-ventilated area that’s not exposed to direct sunlight; Don’t put a laptop in a regular Kanken, either. That back pocket is made for folders, notepads, perhaps a tablet computer, but not a laptop. It puts too much strain on the straps and zips. Get a Kanken Laptop instead. There are three Kanken Laptop sizes to choose from, so you can find one to suit you.

    You can read more about How to take care of your Kanken Backpack on this page.

You looking for Fjallraven Kanken Backpack cheap?

There is many ways to find Fjallraven kanken backpack sale, and we will recommend you get it via amazon.
And obviously we will suggest you the Black Kanken Backpack. 

Do you know that 30% of the people who search for these backpacks use the words outlet, sales or cheap? This has an explanation, with the rise of low-cost products, aliexpress, primark, etc., anything seems expensive to us. The reality is that a product of this quality, like the Kanken, with a history and eternal durability, is really cheap! The quality price is unbeatable.

They are eternal and wonderful.

Kanken Backpack in Amazon

You will find the best price on the market, with the maximum guarantee of quality and return, and the highest speed on Amazon. The online shopping giant is the reference and that is why we work with them.

Why you shouldn't buy an imitation Kanken backpack?

Avoid Chinese Aliexpress replicas like the plague. You may think that you will be saving money but we can assure you that by buying a fake Kanken Backpack you will be throwing your money away.

Nice photos with a Fjallraven Kanken backpack


Hipster Backpacks

The Kanken are the quintessential hipster fashion backpacks. Quality backpacks for people aware that cheap ends up being expensive. Are you one of them?
If, in addition, you work or travel with your computer, take a look at our section of laptop backpacks. There you will also find backpacks for Mac.

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