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Buy ReKanken Backpack Recycled

November 8, 2022

A recycled, ecological, sustainable, beautiful, modern and durable backpack? And it is! All the style of Fjallraven with the plastic we throw away every day.

Probably the best backpack in the world, at least for those of us who have the firm intention of taking care of our planet.

It is made with recycled polyester from 11 plastic bottles, minimizing the consumption of natural resources and trying to ensure that nothing and no one is harmed along the way, nor is any animal, the Re-kanken backpack is suitable (and recommended) for vegans.

If you had any doubt that the future belongs to recycled backpacks, we are here to take it away.

kanken mini vs classic

Rekanken Models

There are two sizes, the normal 16-litre and the small 7-litre, both 100% ecological.

Re-Kanken Classic 16 liters

The classic but 100% recycled polyester.

  • Dimensions ‏ : 10.63 x 5.12 x 14.96 cm
  • Weight: 340.19 grams
  • Volume: 16 L
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Laptop Pocket: No
  • Leather details on handle and straps.

More features of this recycled backpacks

  • Made with 11 plastic bottles recycled.

  • Reflective brand logo.

  • 100% polyester

  • Material: Water repellent and very resistant.

  • Simple adjustable shoulder straps.

Video of Fjallraven Kanken Recycled

If you still have doubts about the material, the size or the uses that you can give it, take a look at this video. Remember that the backpack is made of 100% recycled materials.

Reviews Kanken Recycled Backpack

” Love the bag, very practical and looks but my shoulders were so sore after a few hours walking around with it on my back. The straps dig in and need some cushioning. “

” I bought this pack to take out on day camps and for general day to day wear. The recycled material was a good selling point.

The bag is really well made with deceptively powerful but simple features. The front of the bag unzips in a way that provides really good access to the contents. The straps and handle can be buttoned down to stow away neatly and the two side pockets will take most 500ml drinks bottles – although Nalgene type bottles and canteens are probably a bit large for them. The back section has a built-in pad to provide comfort and can be removed to be used as a sitter.

The size is just right for day camps, it will easily take a 3×3 tarp, hammock, light poncho, first aid kit and CAT, knife and saw, sunglasses, coat, sundry bags for wood collection or rubbish and my EDC stuff (Swiss army knife, lighter, fuel canister and wallet) in the front pocket. I can also use a carabiner to clip a canteen to the top handle. “

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